Here’s the answer ! But why ?

i don’t know why peep’s are writing about him , but this man seriously made me looking to thing at different perspective like phenyl ki bottle jaisa moo vali video  which made daily life chores easy like I have never been so interested in doing homely things and no body cares about phenyl bottle but his comedy made it so funny that people are snapping their faces with it rather than swipping their floor


Another instance was this when people saying being dr is welcoming tough life ahead but I Wonder how mr.bean 2 rowan atkinson i.e Danish Ali manages this and after disecting frogs in pre-med he manages to be bi-ama of gharelo totkas


On a serious not but why this man comedy appears so original to me is his face that shining face which appears like fresh champi tind and the reactions and eye making capability of 70’s black and white filmazia heroine 


and yeah last point due to his funny videos I realised that simplest things In life always gives the greatest joy like muslim shower , anti-selfie stick etc 

Salute to this man Greeny comedy 

Long live pakistan 


Why sail when it’s time to fly..

am  not feminist nor activist I don’t call for equality . But have you ever face that torture , those agonies which she had to bear after say ‘ NO’ and still then she have to burry her consent while in murdering her ego coz at every level she is getting rape mentally , domestically , by her own fellow women and men 

Their own daughters will face too if it becomes a patern

Why they wouldn’t see that demining their respect can burn their own houses

why o women don’t be oppressed coz if voices are not with you then be the voice of someone , end this trail . Start teaching ethics to your boys while stop complain about other girls infront of them , teach them respect , dignity  or else if these moral values vanished , your own sons become the victims and prey 

You wouldn’t realise the severity but when wildness holds it clutched you tightly but when it ends , it takes everything you got or have .. so you are ready to face it ?

Women start protecting your interests start realising your importance or else shut up call will engulf you. Be your own boss and start rising on your own guts , you don’t have to sale yourself and do one night stands to accomplish success 

BE Brave and BE you may be some day they then want to be like you , don’t lose your unity and faith coz you can rise like sun in high heated environment and shine like stars and got the potential to bring light in darkest of hours 

You are you and don’t deny nor defy just face it and who turned you off burn their ashes on.. stoves are ready to get heated with your passions , raise it high so no one can afford and be a partner of every girl you met may be she needs you and then create a hike of her best version so people who used to taunt once now had to tolerate you always…

Blank future

I think and think about the evolution of existence and reached on this conclusion that none of us are perfect then how our ancestors at that time of era can be more successful than us I try to dug the egyptian pyramids for the secrets treasure of knowledge I fail to understand how their geometry can be so perfect when today without auto correct 75% population would write wrong spelling of geometry so my hypothesis regarding imperfections here remains null and void 

but then I observe more and more to support my conclusion and then I realise that anything comes from fate which is not in our plan can leads toward beautiful destination,  sometimes if in the midst of problem we rather nag about it we just ascertain and attain as much opportunities we can from it , then our worst life decisions can leads to glorious victories and people would see our golden fates . For instance chistopher colombus left home to visit India and discovers America 

so in this way just by supporting our argument’s we save our conclusions and theories 

that’s what old egyptian and our ancestors never do they work out the things work hard for not to show the world who they are but challenge their own competency  (of course by cursing their slaves though they achieve) and what we do still reading this post without acknowledging the facts and purpose of life

Doing something to support , argue and win 

Why we had forgotten that real trophy is eternal satisfaction which your passionate desires can give you 

Vain feelings

I don’t wanna feel more , I feel agony,pain, disasters in just one day . At first I though am lost but I am wandering everywhere then I realise if all the loss people would take this plea then how the gardens of Eden are fulfilled

sometimes I am so sad that grieve and tears are my only outcome , I just don’t want to be happy relieved and contented coz the cost for thay to remain busy and am always sitting like an idol though people idealised me but I think like idols I don’t have any pertinent role to play in this world

am so blank now a days that my insomnia now wants to get rid of me , I thought to consult a psychiatrist for my over dose of anxiety but then I realise may be it’s the cause of my over dose and burden of thoughts which always cluttered in the forms of clusters inside of my head thy they never heal me but give me stupid suggestions that I am in deep pain of nostalgic feelings may be am thinking all wrong it’s just the result of my thyroid or due to lackness in vitamin B coz to nurture soul you got to 1st have a beautiful body….

Theoretical Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence Word is very vague and it’s meanings changes with the context , It is basically a science and philosophy of law which have it’s no authority though it’s notion and aspects can be practically verified in few cases 

so their arise a question that is it abstract ? and if so what about it’s general nature and enforcement so these questions can be answered in such way that juriprudence doesn’t create law but it’s generality towards imposing law can be beneficial 

many theories propound to define jurisprudence and it’s aspects these theories are from different school of thoughts and different jurist helps in extracting it but again the question arises these hypothesis could lead to somewhere ? Or these theories which are in beneficial for general public towards helping in securing their rights and obligations could become vain so YES these theories which broadens the boundaries of jurisprudence helps alot in making and proposing new laws for public benefit

in this case reality and assumption run side by side

so what is theoretical jurisprudence ? It’s rightly and correctly worded that it is those theories  jurisprudence , which completes it’s whole aspects defined in light of various jurists and it’s kinds are general in nature which help in pro.bono matters 

like for instance social , political , PHILOSOphical, ethical , historical , analytical etc all which talks about public can be governed as it’s kind and their theories can be used by many law makers while making legislation to benefit society 

that’s all about jurisprudence

Source: salmond jurisprudence

Living hood👀

​Written a master piece , bleed with the womb of motherhood . still rely on the false hood and and try to conquer it with the arrongance of my looks 

Totally forgotten that many comes and many leaves like a fall , like an autumn leaves 

But my mind tends to think i’ll flow like the river nile ever and forver that’s how my waves after shuddering and shattering never loose hope and flew till sky so my pounding heart can once brims with  the achieving smile 

Thy here shall i lay never cut my ties with the dirt of my feet , my mud ,my soul, my soil , my existence which help me to rise by giving me hold , that gravity trust bond which never betray me

Coz nature i am with you and you are with me so whole universe lies with in and forces my stars shine brighter and better so i could be unstoppable, though i don’t deny you death but let me cherish the lovely life so i could enjoy your gifts and at the end accept you to enter in the gates of paradise under the gazez of angels 

Life begins as a child , would can end at any time, era or age but don’t loose your ambitious nature child in the journey or else living goes in vain and enjoyment turned into ashes of hell fire..